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Thursday, February 2, 2023
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School grounds reminded that World Cup betting is not allowed

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Several associations are ramping up their efforts to stop football betting during the World Cup. The Ministry of Education has issued a directive to schools to prevent any kind of gambling on campus in the hopes that the next sports season will motivate pupils instead.

The Ministry of Education has reportedly told universities and colleges to prohibit gambling on their campuses during the 2022 FIFA World Cup.

Treenuch Thienthong, minister of education, said her department hopes students would take motivation from the games and realize that athletics can be a lucrative career.

The Ministry of Education is working with school administrators to spread the word about the importance of collaboration in sports and to stop kids from getting involved in illegal betting. All students, faculty, and employees found engaging in any kind of betting on campus will be subject to disciplinary action.

Police have also stated that they will be cracking down on World Cup betting. Last night, officers in Chiang Mai headed by Provincial Police Region 5 Commissioner Pol Lt Gen Piya Tavichai patrolled Chang Khlan Road, which is lined with bars and restaurants favoured by foreign visitors. Their goal was to make it such that no youngster could legally participate in illegal activities including gambling, using drugs, possessing weapons, or accessing adult-only services.

The northern region’s top cop has given the go-ahead for all 159 police stations to vigorously crack down on gambling of all kinds in eight provinces. The @inthanon1 account on the LINE messaging service will stay active after the World Cup for the public to send tips related to unlawful gambling.

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