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Tuesday, May 17, 2022
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Armed Conflict in Ukraine Drives Up Thai Construction Costs

The cost of building houses in Thailand is seeing a spike due to rising energy and steel prices driven by the armed conflict in...

Dusit Central Park reaches 40% sold mark

It took 18 months to drive sales of Dusit Central Park to 40% which is considered extraordinary under the covid situation. Named Dusit Central Park, it is...

Condo sector remains stuck in doldrums

Anti-government protests that turned violent are expected to impact condo demand from foreign buyers, even though some relaxation of lockdown restrictions next month may...

Hong Kongers fleeing protests, national security law boost overseas property markets

HONG KONG: Hong Kongers moving abroad have bought at least US$100 million worth of property since 2019, a year marked by unprecedented social unrest,...

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