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Tuesday, November 28, 2023
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At the Mekong-Korea Water Forum, Thai representatives discuss cleaning up the Mekong River.

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For the purpose of fostering partnerships between the Mekong area and the Republic of Korea, a Thai delegation will be attending the Mekong-Korea Water Forum (MKWF). At this meeting, participants are discussing the need of cleaning up polluted waterways like the Mekong.

Anucha Nakasai, minister attached to the Prime Minister’s Office, is in South Korea for the first meeting of the MKWF. This symposium, held on October 5th and 6th, is the consequence of water-related strategic partnerships between Thailand and Korea in 2020.

Consensus was subsequently reached on the Han River Declaration of Establishing the Mekong-ROK Comprehensive Partnership for Mutual Prosperity. Direction for future collaboration between Mekong states and the Republic of Korea is outlined in a statement.

As a result of their cooperation, the countries of the Mekong and the Republic of Korea (ROK) were able to effectively manage their shared water supply, an accomplishment Minister Anucha hailed. He said the meeting will help the Mekong area to better adapt to future climate shifts and the current state of climatic instability.

In Thailand, the Mekong River provides a vital source of nourishment for the eight provinces that border the waterway. Water quantity and quality have been changing in the Mekong, affecting locals since 2019. The river’s changing ecology has also had an impact on them. Therefore, Minister Anucha suggested collaborating to restore water supplies. There would be positive effects on water, food, and energy security, as well as on the area economy as a whole.

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