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Thai and Chinese Officials Address Concerns Over Misleading Film Depicting Thailand

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Thai and Chinese officials recently convened to address concerns stemming from a controversial Chinese film titled “No More Bets,” which inaccurately depicted Thailand, causing worry among Chinese tourists. The meeting, involving Minister attached to the Prime Minister’s Office Puangpet Chunlaiad and Chinese Ambassador Han Zhiqiang, aimed to address misunderstandings and reassure Chinese citizens about the film’s inaccuracies.

During the meeting, Minister Puangpet Chunlaiad informed Ambassador Han Zhiqiang that “No More Bets” wrongly portrayed Thailand with illegal activities such as human trafficking, organ trade, call center scams, and extortion gangs. These depictions raised concerns about potential negative perceptions of safety among Chinese tourists. Minister Puangpet clarified that the film was not shot in Thailand but featured the Thai language in some scenes, leading to misunderstandings on the Chinese social media platform Weibo.

The primary objective of the meeting was to reassure Chinese citizens about the inaccuracies in the film and emphasize Thailand’s commitment to strict safety measures for tourists. Minister Puangpet also stressed the importance of maintaining open communication channels between Thailand and China to address such concerns promptly.

Additionally, the Thai government highlighted the significance of cooperation between Thailand’s Department of Public Relations and China Media Group (CMG) to prevent misinformation and strengthen bilateral relations. The discussion focused on implementing measures to enhance cultural understanding and prevent the spread of inaccurate portrayals that could impact the tourism industry.

Ambassador Han Zhiqiang responded positively, assuring that Thailand remains a popular and trusted destination for Chinese tourists. He expressed confidence that the film incident would not affect the trust between the two nations. Ambassador Han Zhiqiang also highlighted the upcoming Chinese New Year festival as an opportunity to strengthen travel relations between Thailand and China, fostering mutual understanding and cultural exchange. The meeting concluded with a commitment to ongoing cooperation and effective communication to maintain the positive relationship between the two countries.

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