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PM Outlines Strategies to Address Thailand’s Challenges

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Gautham Suthakar
Gautham Suthakar
23, born and raised amidst the allure of Penang Island, Malaysia, I'm am an adventurous journalist now set to dive to the dynamic landscape and into the bustling streets of Bangkok, Thailand. With a fervent passion for storytelling and a thirst to offer fresh perspectives, join me as I unravel the rich tapestry of narratives in this vibrant city

Prime Minister Srettha Thavisin took center stage at the iBusiness Forum 2024, delivering a keynote address that outlined Thailand’s current challenges and proposed strategies to tackle them. Speaking confidently about harnessing the nation’s potential to bolster citizens’ income, the Prime Minister delved into the intricacies of Thai society, likening its social structure to a pyramid—a metaphor highlighting the persistent socioeconomic disparities that demand comprehensive solutions.

Highlighting the imperative of cooperation across all sectors, the Prime Minister envisioned a collaborative effort akin to building from the grassroots upwards, mirroring the structure of a pyramid. He underscored the significance of addressing the root causes of Thailand’s socioeconomic divides to ensure sustainable progress, with particular emphasis on uplifting the bottom tiers of the societal pyramid.

Promising action on pressing issues, the Prime Minister pledged his government’s commitment to resolving farmers’ debt woes through innovative technology, envisioning a threefold increase in farmers’ income within four years. Additionally, addressing the pervasive problem of informal debt was identified as crucial, with its resolution vital to averting potential social crises such as drug abuse and criminal activities.

Looking towards the future, the Prime Minister emphasized the importance of water management and clean energy, notably expressing interest in nuclear energy. Plans for bilateral discussions with the President of France during an upcoming trip underscored Thailand’s commitment to exploring diverse energy sources and fostering opportunities for its industrial sector.

Recognizing tourism’s pivotal role in the country’s GDP, the government has taken proactive measures such as offering visa-free entry to Chinese nationals and citizens of other countries to stimulate domestic economic activity. Moreover, significant investments in infrastructure—including high-speed rail networks, deep-sea ports, land bridges, and airports—underscore Thailand’s dedication to enhancing trade and attracting investments for sustained growth.

Prime Minister Srettha Thavisin’s address at the iBusiness Forum signals a concerted effort to address Thailand’s challenges while leveraging its inherent strengths. With a focus on inclusive growth and sustainable development, the government aims to propel the nation towards a more prosperous and equitable future.

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