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Prime Minister Srettha Thavisin Evaluates Progress of Electric Vehicle Initiative in Chiang Mai

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In a notable development during his official visit to Chiang Mai, Prime Minister Srettha Thavisin conducted an inspection to assess the advancements in the electric vehicle (EV) two-row cars – a groundbreaking venture within the country’s transportation sector.

The initiative has reached a pivotal stage, with the introduction of a prototype vehicle, and the imminent operational readiness of two additional cars. Currently undergoing the necessary registration processes and formalities with transportation authorities, these EVs hold promise for integration into the transportation system in the near future.

The transition from conventional two-row vehicles to the EV model is poised to bring about significant economic and environmental benefits. The cost of converting a traditional two-row vehicle to an electric version is estimated at 700,000 Thai Baht per unit. This investment, while substantial, is expected to yield long-term advantages.

Moreover, the shift from conventional red two-row vehicles, incurring approximately 3 Baht per kilometer in fuel costs, to the more sustainable EV model is projected to dramatically reduce expenses to about 70 Satang per kilometer. This substantial drop in operating costs not only signifies a prudent financial move but also aligns with Thailand’s commitment to fostering environmentally friendly transportation solutions.

The Prime Minister’s visit emphasizes the government’s support for innovative initiatives that not only propel technological advancements but also contribute to the nation’s commitment to sustainability. As Thailand looks to diversify its transportation landscape, the EV two-row cars initiative holds the potential to set a precedent for more eco-conscious practices in the country.

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