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Isaan Highways Congested as Songkran Exodus Begins

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As Songkran approaches, the highways leading to Isaan are witnessing a gradual influx of travelers returning to their hometowns, causing congestion on Highway 24 towards southern Isaan, particularly Nang Rong. With April 12 looming, heavy traffic is anticipated.

As of April 11, 2024, individuals from Bangkok and various provinces have begun their migration back to their roots in preparation for the extended Songkran festivities. Notably, National Highway No. 24, stretching from Chok Chai to Det Udom, passes through Nangrong District in Buriram Province, serving as a crucial artery for travelers from central and eastern regions en route to destinations like Surin, Sisaket, and Ubon Ratchathani. The influx of vehicles, predominantly private cars, has led to significant traffic, albeit with a steady flow. However, concerns mount for April 12, 2024, the commencement of the holiday, as traffic is expected to intensify.

To mitigate potential hazards, officials from the Nang Rong Highway Section and the local police have taken preemptive measures. They’ve strategically placed barriers at critical U-turn points along Highway 24, notably in front of Nangrong Hospital and at the Wat Mai Rerai Thong intersection in Thanon Hak Subdistrict. These efforts aim to regulate traffic flow and avert congestion-induced accidents. For those seeking alternate routes to bypass Nang Rong District, an option exists to turn left at Anamai Khok Rae Intersection in Hua Thanon Subdistrict, continuing toward the Ban Sing Subdistrict Intersection and eventually reaching Nong Yai Phim Intersection before entering Buriram city, facilitating smoother travel to neighboring provinces.

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