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Thai Meteorological Department Delays Winter Declaration Amid Lingering Warmth

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Bangkok, Thailand – October 31, 2023 – The Thai Meteorological Department is poised to postpone the official declaration of winter by approximately two weeks due to the persistent weak cool winds and an expected milder temperature trend. Mr. Somkhuan Tonjan, Director of the Meteorological Observation Division, made this announcement, shedding light on the factors causing the delay.

Typically, winter in Thailand is declared when the lowest temperature remains below 23 degrees Celsius. However, this year, the onset of winter is anticipated to commence early next week, marking a deviation from the usual schedule. According to Mr. Tonjan, the reason behind this delay can be attributed to the lingering weak cool winds that have prevented the swift arrival of the cooler season.

The northern regions of the country will continue to experience rainfall due to the diminishing cool winds, while Bangkok and its vicinity are expected to encounter easterly and southeasterly winds that will bring with them higher humidity levels. This unusual weather pattern has left meteorologists closely monitoring the situation before officially declaring the arrival of winter.

During the upcoming week, moderately cold winds will gradually envelop the northern regions, resulting in cooler temperatures, particularly in the Northeast. Some areas may witness intermittent rain showers before the gradual decline in temperature. The Meteorological Department is likely to make the official announcement of winter’s commencement early next week, providing a clearer picture of the anticipated weather changes.

Despite the delayed start, Mr. Somkhuan Tonjan emphasized that this winter would be comparatively less cold than usual. The coldest period is expected to span from early December to late January, with an average temperature ranging from 21 to 22 degrees Celsius. Residents and travelers in Thailand are advised to prepare for a milder winter season while remaining vigilant about the changing weather conditions as the official declaration of winter approaches.

This shift in the winter schedule has garnered attention from various local and international publications, highlighting the unusual weather patterns affecting the region and the implications for the upcoming winter season.

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