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A new study shows that Thais need to exercise more

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A recent research has underlined the need of Thai people exercising more in order to preserve excellent health.

According to Department of Health Director-General Dr Suwanchai Wattanayingcharoenchai, the research was done jointly in 2021 by the Public Health Ministry’s Department of Health and the International Health Policy Program office, with information acquired from 78,717 people in 77 provinces.

According to the research, 76% of Thais sit for seven hours or more every day. Nonetheless, roughly 72% of them spend an adequate amount of time, approximately 150 minutes or more each week, engaged in physical activities in line with World Health Organization recommendations.

The shift in working conditions from the agricultural or industrial sectors to office-based jobs has contributed to the fall in physical activity. As a result of the low rate of energy expenditure, the risk of premature mortality or non-communicable disease has increased.

Although some people exercise or participate in leisure activities to counteract their sedentary office lifestyle, this is not always the case. People who live in cities have more access to amenities such as sidewalks and public transit, allowing them to spend more time engaging in physical activities than those who live in rural regions.

Dr. Suwanchai underlined that by raising physical activity levels, Thais may enhance their general health and minimize their chance of acquiring chronic diseases.

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