Authentic Osaka fine dining cuisine with seasonal fresh ingredients from Japan, Nanohana Restaurant, DONKI Mall Floor 3


Nanohana Restaurant conveys a unique experience on every menu from the best selection of natural ingredients, attentive cooking methods, and beautiful food arrangements on the plate.

With love and dedication to cooking for over 20 years, Nanohana Restaurant pays attention to details in food preparation, such as the best selection of finest seasonal ingredients from famous sources in each city of Japan, delicate cooking methods, and beautiful food placements on the plate to ensure the enhanced tastes of natural ingredients and the passing of feelings to customers so that they can deeply feel the smells, colors, appearances, and tastes according to the traditions and cultures of living of the Japanese. 

Despite numerous options of Japanese restaurants in the Thai market, thanks to the master chef of the place, Hiroshi Izaki who has developed his lifelong love of cooking and technical cooking experiences for over 32 years, the menus presented by Nanohana are meticulously and distinctively handcrafted to make sure your dining experience at the restaurant is unparalleled. For example,

1. Sagagyu beef: It is perfect for meat lovers. The A4-graded premium beef comes from Saga City, Kyushu, Japan. Other creations by this beef are Sagagyu Steak,  Sagagyu Tataki Onigiri (rice ball)

2.  Fresh fishes: The imported must-try fishes are Hamachi, Madai, Chutoro, Akimi, and Salmon, offered as sashimi, sushi, or rice bowl.

3. Tai Nyumen: It is a steamed Seabass wrapped in Somen noodles.

4. Homemade Curry rice: Other options are Curry​ Rice, Katsu​ Curry​ Rice (deep-fried crispy pork), Ebi​ Katsu​ Curry​ Rice (deep-fried crispy shrimps), Curry​ Udon​ (noodles), Katsu Curry Udon (deep-fried crispy noodles), and Ebi​ Katsu​ ​Curry​ Udon. (deep-fried crispy shrimps and noodles).

As a two-story restaurant, Nanohana offers a private traditional Japanese-styled dining area on the second floor with a long table and cushions where you cross your legs and sit. Normal dining tables for a couple or a group can be found on the first floor.

Come and experience the Osaka-styled fine dining restaurant at DONKI Mall Thonglor Soi.10, Floor 3, on Tuesdays to Sundays,  from 11 AM to 2 PM (lunch) and 5 PM to 9.30 PM (dinner). For more information or reservation, contact 097-134-2360


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