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Government Promotes Registered Ride-Hailing Services to Ensure Commuter Safety and Fair Fares

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In a recent announcement by Deputy Government Spokesperson Traisulee Traisaranakul, the Transport Ministry has taken a proactive step towards enhancing commuter safety and maintaining reasonable fares. The government is now encouraging individuals to register their personal vehicles for ride-hailing services, with the Department of Land Transport (DLT) offering additional assistance to facilitate the process.

Traisulee stressed the significance of using ride-hailing applications that have obtained registration from the DLT. This crucial requirement ensures the safety of passengers throughout their journey, while also guaranteeing that they are not subjected to exorbitant service charges.

Presently, seven ride-hailing apps have received the seal of approval from the DLT, cementing their status as legally-operating services. These approved platforms include Hello Phuket Service, Bonku, Asia Cab, Robinhood, Grab, Air Asia SuperApp, and Bolt. Passengers are advised to choose from these authorized applications to ensure a secure and reliable ride.

To assist passengers in identifying legally-operating ride-hailing vehicles, certain visual indicators have been established. Taxis with yellow license plates or private cars displaying purple stickers are reliable options for commuters. These markings signify that the drivers possess valid driving licenses, have undergone thorough criminal background checks, and have registered their vehicles to provide ride-hailing services.

In the case of motorcycles involved in ride-hailing services, they are required to prominently display a yellow license plate. Additionally, riders must wear the jacket provided by the respective ride-hailing company, further confirming their affiliation and adherence to regulations.

By promoting registered ride-hailing services, the government aims to instill confidence in commuters and prioritize their safety. This initiative demonstrates a commitment to establishing a reliable and regulated transportation system, benefiting both passengers and drivers alike.

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