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Thai Meteorological Department Forecasts April Heatwave

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The Thai Meteorological Department (TMD) has issued a warning of soaring temperatures across Thailand this April, with extreme heat expected to push mercury levels between 43.0-44.5 degrees Celsius.

Starting from April 7 to 14, the northeastern and eastern regions are slated to bear the brunt of this heatwave, with temperatures forecasted to linger around 41-43°C. The intensifying heatwave is attributed to prevailing low-pressure systems exacerbated by minimal rainfall, exacerbating the heat spell across these regions.

Anticipating a series of summer storms, including potential hailstorms, from April 8 to 10, the TMD attributes these weather events to an incoming cold front from upper Vietnam. While the southern region may experience thunderstorms, overall weather conditions are expected to be favorable for tourism activities. These intermittent storms are anticipated to offer temporary respite from the relentless heat prevalent in the early part of the month.

Throughout April, the TMD predicts average temperatures to soar approximately 30% higher than usual, particularly affecting the North, Northeast, and upper areas of the Central Plains and the East. Despite occasional summer storms driven by southerly and southeasterly winds providing brief relief, the overall temperature trend for the month points towards elevated heat levels across Thailand.

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