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Thailand Aims High for Tourism Revival in 2024

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The Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) sets ambitious targets to revive tourism in 2024, projecting total revenue to exceed 3.5 trillion baht and aiming to attract over 36 million international tourists.

Governor of TAT, Ms. Thapanee Kiatphaibool, announced that the country welcomed 9.37 million international tourists in the first quarter, surpassing expectations. Notably, tourists from China, Malaysia, Russia, and European countries contributed significantly to this increase.

The focus for 2024 lies in online marketing strategies to reach global audiences effectively. TAT anticipates that the number of international tourists will continue to rise throughout the year, surpassing 36 million, with projected revenue exceeding 3.5 trillion baht. This revenue forecast includes 1.92 trillion baht from international tourists and 1.08 trillion baht from domestic tourism, emphasizing revenue generation over sheer tourist numbers.

The government’s strategic vision revolves around positioning Thailand as a premier tourism destination to foster sustainable economic growth. Emphasis is placed on promoting quality tourism experiences in both primary and secondary cities, leveraging “soft power” aspects such as cuisine, culture, festivals, arts, and sports.

In line with this vision, the TAT will focus on revitalizing tourism demand and supply, emphasizing the creation of a valuable, balanced, and sustainable ecosystem. Efforts will include attracting high-spending tourists, developing robust supply chains, and ensuring fair income distribution across communities.

Moreover, the TAT’s “365 Days of Wonders in Secondary Cities” project aims to bolster tourism in lesser-known destinations. By collaborating with public and private sectors, the initiative seeks to showcase local products, cultural heritage, and unique attractions, enticing tourists to explore secondary cities year-round.

Anticipating a 10-15 percent increase in income from secondary city tourism in 2024 compared to the previous year, Thailand aims to drive economic growth at the grassroots level. This growth trajectory aligns with the country’s vision for sustainable tourism development and economic prosperity.

Furthermore, Thailand is adapting to emerging tourism trends, such as the rise of digital nomads. This growing global trend, characterized by remote work facilitated by digital technology, presents new opportunities for Thailand’s tourism sector to attract a diverse range of visitors.

As Thailand navigates its path towards tourism recovery in 2024, a concerted effort is underway to position the country as a beacon of resilience, offering enriching experiences and opportunities for all travelers.

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