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Shocking Video Reveals Bangkok BTS Skytrain Door Malfunction

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In an unsettling event that swiftly caught global attention through the reach of social media, a video surfaced revealing a Bangkok BTS Skytrain in a rather alarming state—speeding along its tracks with one of its doors conspicuously ajar. This unexpected sight left both passengers and online viewers astonished, shedding light on a safety lapse aboard a BTS Skytrain in Thailand.

The video, originally shared by a TikTok user under the handle @star111042, carried a cautionary note, urging fellow commuters to avoid standing or leaning against the doors for safety reasons. The unsettling visuals captured a BTS Skytrain in motion with a conspicuously open door, while a vigilant staff member stood nearby, promptly notifying the train operator of the concerning anomaly. This breach in safety persisted until the train reached Punnavithi Station, underscoring a potential hazard.

Prompt action was taken as the faulty door was taken out of service, marked with bilingual signs in Thai and English denoting the malfunction, as reported by Sanook. This incident swiftly ignited a flurry of comments and discussions among netizens, expressing their concerns about the peril posed by such malfunctions, especially in crowded trains.

This alarming event brings to mind a prior safety mishap at a Bangkok BTS Skytrain station, where 27 individuals suffered injuries following an escalator incident involving a group of teenagers. Last year, at BTS Surasak station, a malfunction was reported, resulting in a distressing tumble down the escalator. Despite differing accounts of the cause, with authorities initially attributing it to a slip and fall, the incident prompted BTS to conduct a thorough inspection, temporarily closing off the escalator to ensure public safety.

Courtesy of @star111042 TikTok

This unnerving incident serves as a sobering reminder of a prior safety breach at a Bangkok BTS Skytrain station. Notably, a group of teenagers suffered injuries last year after an escalator malfunctioned at BTS Surasak station, resulting in a distressing fall down the stairs. Despite initial attributions to a slip and fall, the incident prompted BTS to conduct a thorough inspection and temporarily halt the escalator, highlighting the pressing need to uphold stringent safety measures within the city’s vital public transportation network.

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