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Saturday, August 20, 2022
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Government Establishes Center to Deal with Corruption in Cooperatives

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The Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives has established a center for dealing with corruption issues and combating scandals within its cooperatives.

Deputy Agriculture of Cooperatives Minister Mananya Thaiset presided over the establishment of the center for tackling corruption at an event attended by ministry officials and representatives from other agencies.

The deputy minister stressed the urgency of addressing corruption cases among cooperatives, noting that roughly 252 out of 6,000 cooperatives have faced graft scandals, with damages caused by these issues totaling around 18 billion baht. According to reports, non-agricultural cooperatives were implicated in graft scandals totaling more than 16 billion baht, while agricultural cooperatives were involved in corruption cases totaling around 2 billion baht.

The center will serve as a war room, cooperating with the Anti-Money Laundering Office, Department of Special Investigation and Royal Thai Police to quickly handle corruption cases and provide relief and compensation to those affected by these scandals. Three panels will cooperate and report directly to the deputy minister, who will present these reports to the Prime Minister and Cabinet.

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