Aussie meat pie at Conkey’s Bakery- original, decadent, fulfilling


Meat pie is another top well-praised menu from Conkey’s Bakery. Heartily homemade, the recipe ensures freshness and tastiness, served warm on a plate daily.

Conkey’s meat pie has a shortcrust pastry filled with slow-cooked chunky pieces of Australian beef and fresh herbs and spices in a rich gravy. Unlike other pies with flaky crumbles that usually fall over the table after a few bites, their pie makes sure every bite of it stays in the mouth for a decadence sensation. The juiciness of the filling in combination with the freshly-baked crust goes well together, possibly urging you to have a second piece if you still can handle another one.

The savory recipe is said to result from multiple trials and errors by Mr. Michael, an owner of Conkey’s Bakery, who is passionate about homemade baking and has been running this artisanal bakery business in Thailand for decades since the early introduction of the bakery to Thailand. With his expertise obtained from the US, you can be certain of his selection of fine-quality ingredients such as imported beef from Australia, freshest herbs and spices, and other stuff, and his secret technique of pie making in this menu. A cup of hot black coffee to enhance the eating experience is a great idea to try, as well.

Conkey’s Bakery, a fine-quality handcrafted bakery cafe located in Ekkamai Soi 22, is dedicated to serving every single choice on the menu with great passion and true wisdom in the making. Well-acclaimed for its top-of-the-line and hearty ingredients, the place ensures not only authentic taste and texture but also wholesomeness that has become many people’s top interest after the pandemic. The cafe offers an outdoor dining experience at the regular tables or on the mats like a picnic style, surrounded by many greens and a proper amount of sunshine. 


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