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Tuesday, May 17, 2022
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Fugetsu’s Osaka-styled low-carb veggie Okonomiyaki rocking DONKI Mall

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An Osaka-styled restaurant named Fugetsu serves food being cooked at your table to ensure the freshness and tastiness of every dish. Its signature Okonomiyaki (Japanese-styled pizza) is made with a little amount of starch, but a fulfilling amount of vegetables.

The signature Okonomiyaki here is a blended batter of meat, fish, and shellfish as a base of the dish. Once it is thoroughly cooked, a special sauce, together with mayonnaise, is brushed on top with some further personalized topping of, for example, dried bonito or seaweed, a sunny-side-up egg with a bursting melting yolk, and a generous amount of spring onions that do not smell; friendly for those who do not fancy greens. Other popular menus claimed by many people are rolled eggs, Teppanyaki, and Modanyaki, which is Okonomiyaki with Yakisoba, and stir-fried fresh noodles with cabbages. 

The ambiance of the place makes you feel as if you were in Japan. A table fits 4-6 people, with a hot pan in the middle where their staff comes to cook food fresh for you. The place is perfect for a night out with your friends after work on the weekdays, Friday nights or over the weekends. It is also friendly for family gatherings as well as the menus served here are easy to eat for everyone in the family. 

Originally from Osaka, Japan, Fugetsu is well-acclaimed for being number 1 in the Okonomiyaki industry. In Thailand, the restaurant is located on floor 3, DONKI Mall Thonglor Soi.10, open from 11 AM until 10 PM daily. 

For more information, please contact 085-003-1375 or 092-560-6888 or visit https://www.facebook.com/TsuruhashiFugetsuThailand

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