Conkey’s sausage roll- crusty, meaty, savory


Sausage roll by Conkey’s Bakery serves a savory pastry snack, consisting of sausage pork wrapped in puffed pastry. Homemade in every detail from the crust to the sausage, the piece gives the authenticity of which the owner of the place grew up with in Australia.

The sausage roll from Conkey’s Bakery does a good job preserving the authenticity of the Australian common food. The pastry is homemade from scratch. The filling is made of onions, garlic, celery, bacon, and carrots. Placing the full filling on the puff pastry, it is rolled, baked, and ready to be served. 

The first bite of the finished sausage roll will make you feel you are eating a real exotic fine-quality pastry already; crusty at its curst, and juicy and packed at its filling. A recommended pair to go with the sausage roll is a meat pie with a cup of hot black coffee.

Before the pandemic, Conkey’s Bakery was focusing on delivering its products to over 200 businesses. After adjusting its business model to be more B2C, Conkey’s Bakery still has been receiving a great number of orders from individual customers. For weekdays, it is the perfect time to chill at their place as there usually are not many people dining in. For weekends, it is best suggested to call 1 day in advance to make your orders. If you are interested to dine in, you may want to get there in the early morning. For those who wish to get a home delivery, you can use Lineman application.

Conkey’s Bakery, a fine-quality handcrafted bakery cafe located in The 49 Terrace and Ekkamai Soi 22, is dedicated to serving every single choice on the menu with great passion and true wisdom in the making. Well-acclaimed for its top-of-the-line and hearty ingredients, the place ensures not only authentic taste and texture but also wholesomeness that has become many people’s top interest after the pandemic. The cafe at Ekkamai Soi 22 offers an outdoor dining experience at the regular tables or on the mats like a picnic style, surrounded by many greens and a proper amount of sunshine. 

You can enjoy the good food and vibe at Conkey’s Bakery from 9 AM – 5 PM daily, except Mondays for Ekkamai Soi 20 branch, and from 9 AM – 4 PM daily, except Mondays for The 49 Terrace branch. For more information, please call 083-040-5911 (Ekkamai Soi. 22), 083-209-8295 (The 49 Terrace) or visit


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