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Yellow Line Repair Progress Update

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In a recent announcement, Mr. Pichet Kunathammarak, Director-General of the Department of Rail Transport, shed light on the outcomes of a meeting aimed at overseeing the progress of repairs to the conductor rail of the Yellow Line project. This scrutiny follows an incident on March 28, where the conductor rail dislodged, becoming lodged atop the walkway while sections of its attachments fell below, spanning the area between Kelantan Station (YL12) and Si Udom Station (YL16) in Eastern Bangkok. Eastern Bangkok Monorail Co., Ltd. (EBM), the Yellow Line’s operator, is diligently engaged in rectifying the issue, utilizing reserved equipment to repair and install conductor rail attachments and conductive rails. However, the extent of replacements, amounting to 6.4 kilometers (km), surpasses the available stock, necessitating the importation of additional parts.

Initially slated for June 10, 2024, the resumption of Yellow Line services faces a delay due to awaiting the arrival of the final batch of parts from abroad. During this interim period, fare collection will proceed per EBM’s plan, with expectations for the parts’ arrival at the onset of the month, followed by complete installation by June 15, 2024.

Collaborating with the Mass Rapid Transit Authority of Thailand (MRTA), Independent Consulting Engineers (ICE), and EBM, safety inspections and joint operation tests are scheduled, with service resumption anticipated in the latter half of June, specifically June 24, 2024. Normal fare collection, ranging from 15 to 45 baht, will resume, accompanied by a 20% fare reduction along the route, offered as an ameliorative measure to passengers.

Mr. Pichet attributed the incident to a faulty bolt securing the finger plate at the expansion joint, exacerbated by temperature fluctuations along the guideway beam during construction. Consequently, the dislodged finger plate collided with the conductor rail, precipitating its detachment, along with portions of the insulator, which fell to the ground below. Additionally, EBM has dispatched the damaged male knots for analysis at a laboratory in Singapore, collaborating with Alstom, the project’s manufacturers and contractors in the Asia Pacific region, and local material testing agencies in Thailand, aiming to comprehensively discern the root cause.

Simultaneously, rigorous inspections have been undertaken along the route to identify and replace any problematic male knots securing the connecting plates to the runway beams, with increased surveillance to ensure the fastening knots remain secure, now conducted every 7-10 days. These measures underscore the commitment to bolstering safety standards across the Yellow Line network.

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