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KWI Collaborates with ‘From Angel to Your New Day’ Foundation to Empower Cancer Patients with Hair Loss Support

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KWI, the esteemed financial insurance conglomerate publicly traded on the Thailand Stock Exchange, has joined forces with the “From Angel to Your New Day” Foundation in a commendable effort to provide vital assistance to cancer patients grappling with the distressing side effect of hair loss during their arduous treatments. This collaborative initiative also commemorates the foundation’s remarkable eight-year dedication to alleviating the burdens of cancer patients nationwide.

In a heartfelt statement, Mr. Antonio Hang Tat Chan, Vice Chairman and CEO of KWI Public Company Limited, underlined the multifaceted challenges that cancer patients face, encompassing both physical and emotional turmoil. He emphasized the pivotal role of organizations like the “From Angel to Your New Day” Foundation in offering invaluable emotional support. Through the provision of genuine hair wigs, the foundation aspires to rekindle the confidence and sense of identity among patients navigating the rigorous landscape of cancer treatment. These wigs, as Mr. Chan underscored, symbolize not only a newfound self-assuredness but also represent the love and solidarity of society in the face of cancer’s adversity.

“At KWI, our vision extends far beyond the confines of our business operations,” Mr. Chan added. “We are earnestly dedicated to making a profound impact on our community, touching lives, and offering enduring support. Our financial contributions to the ‘From Angel to Your New Day’ Foundation are not solely monetary; they signify our unity in the cause of supporting cancer patients. We firmly believe that seemingly modest gestures, such as the gift of a wig, possess the power to resonate deeply in a patient’s journey towards recovery.”

Further elucidating the initiative, Mr. Hemmaras Jarulnamsiri, General Manager of KWI Insurance Public Company Limited, shed light on the comprehensive nature of this endeavor. Since August 2023, KWI has embarked on a multifaceted approach to support cancer patients. For each purchase of KWI cancer insurance policies, namely ‘Cancer by Gender’ and ‘Cancer Care’, the company has pledged a donation of 100 baht, signifying its commitment to the cause. Furthermore, KWI has facilitated the donation of hair by the public and its staff, eliciting an overwhelming response. The company has also orchestrated volunteer activities to sort and process the donated hairpieces, which will be crafted into wigs and distributed to cancer patients through hospitals nationwide.

This collaboration underscores KWI’s unwavering dedication to corporate social responsibility and underscores a significant stride in its continuous mission to bolster humanitarian endeavors. With this partnership, both KWI and the “From Angel to Your New Day” Foundation aim to magnify the foundation’s ongoing efforts and provide invaluable support to cancer patients in Thailand.

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