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Bangkok Gears Up for Sustainable Running Event to Promote Waste Sorting on December 2nd

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In a bid to further the success of their “Don’t Mix” campaign and bolster waste segregation initiatives, the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration is organizing a running event slated for December 2nd. The brainchild of Bangkok Governor Chadchart Sittipunt, this event is set to build upon the achievements of the previous campaign and encourage responsible waste management practices before disposal. The “Don’t Mix” initiative, aimed at fostering proper waste segregation, has already demonstrated substantial results by reducing the city’s daily waste by more than 500 metric tons.

Governor Chadchart emphasized the significance of segregating food waste, emphasizing its pivotal role in diminishing landfill waste. Additionally, policies like “Return Waste to the System,” which encompass comprehensive plastic waste collection points across all 50 districts and two City Hall locations, play a vital role in mobilizing public involvement and fostering a collective effort toward efficient waste management.

The remarkable success of the “Don’t Mix” campaign in the past year has led to a noteworthy daily waste reduction of more than 500 metric tons, amounting to a substantial value of over 400 million baht. This saving holds the potential to be reallocated to various budgetary sectors such as enhancing school lunches or augmenting senior citizen pensions, underlining the significant positive impact of sustainable waste management practices.

Aligned with the government’s Winterfest economic stimulus festival, the forthcoming running event presents an engaging opportunity for the community to participate and contribute to a sustainable cause. Offering run distances of 3 and 10 kilometers, the event is set to take place at prominent parks like Chatuchak Park, Vachirabenjatas Park, and Queen Sirikit Park. Notably, the event will feature an insightful exhibition aimed at imparting valuable information on waste management, further reinforcing the campaign’s objective to promote responsible waste sorting and disposal.

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