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Sustainability Expo 2023: Shaping a Better World

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In the heart of Bangkok, towards the end of this month, the ASEAN region’s most significant annual event focusing on sustainability is on the horizon. Sustainability Expo 2023 (SX2023) is gearing up to kick off, following the overarching theme of “Good Balance, Better World.” This theme sets the tone for an event that aims to educate and captivate attendees with insights into sustainable practices through engaging seminars and presentations.

SX2023, as envisioned by the organizers, is slated to be a central point for the latest sustainability trends and innovations. Leading companies, both local and international, will showcase their contributions to sustainability across eight pivotal zones. These zones encompass a spectrum of interests and initiatives, including the SEP Inspiration Zone, Better Me, Better Living, Better Community, Better World, SX Food Festival, SX Marketplace, and SX Kids.

The event is scheduled to unfold from September 29 to October 8, taking place at the esteemed Queen Sirikit National Convention Center. This tenure promises a deep dive into sustainability, allowing attendees to explore an array of concepts and solutions that can pave the way towards a more sustainable future.

For those eager to partake in this enlightening experience, the official website at www.sustainabilityexpo.com/sx/ and the Facebook account at www.facebook.com/SX.SustainabilityExpo are valuable resources, providing detailed insights and updates regarding the event. As the countdown begins, anticipation builds for an event that holds promise for transformative insights and a step towards a better, more balanced world.

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