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Northern Thailand’s air quality improves as summer storms clear haze

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Northern Thailand Sees Improvement in Air Quality Due to Summer Storms

The northern region of Thailand saw a significant improvement in air quality due to summer storms that helped clear the haze that had been plaguing the region for the past three months. According to government reports, the Pollution Control Department (PCD) reported on Tuesday that the PM 2.5 density in the country’s northern provinces was ranging between 32 and 61 micrograms per cubic meter, with only five areas recording higher levels than the national safe limit of 50 micrograms.

PCD official Sakda Tridech said that over the weekend, summer monsoon winds hit the country’s northern region and notably eased the intense air pollution, with readings in some areas down to green levels. He also said that beginning Tuesday, the air quality index in the north will further improve as strong winds and rains throughout the country will help dissipate the haze.

However, Tridech also noted that hotspots from agricultural burnings and forest fires, the main causes of air pollution, still need to be monitored in the northernmost areas.

The lasting air pollution in northern Thailand, with the popular tourist destination of Chiang Mai recording over 90 days of unhealthy air quality this year, has not only posed a health hazard to local residents but also cast a shadow over tourism.

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