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Dengue-Zero Project Launched to Protect Schools and Residents

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Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) has established the ‘Dengue-Zero School Initiative’ in conjunction with Takeda Thailand Limited and Ka-o Industrial Thailand Co Ltd.

The project’s purpose is to promote awareness about dengue fever and the best ways to prevent it, as well as to honor schools who have excellent dengue-zero policies.

The programme is being implemented at 10 schools in diverse Bangkok districts, with almost 7,900 pupils given practical advice on how to protect themselves from the illness at home and in their wider communities. Schools who have effectively eradicated mosquito breeding places and adopted efficient dengue-zero policies will win trophies, diplomas, and up to 30,000 Baht in scholarship support.

The Dengue-Zero memorandum of understanding agreement has already been effective in improving community awareness about dengue. About 1,000 local health volunteers working in Bangkok’s most vulnerable districts have also received hands-on training in dengue prevention and management.

As part of this collaboration, the ‘Dengue-Zero School Project’ will connect with children who are judged to be at high risk of infection and educate them on how to effectively prevent dengue fever transmission. Organizers anticipate receiving innovative suggestions for long-term dengue prevention and management.

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