Japanese Food Market around Onnut BTS


Around the middle of the month of October, a Japanese street food market started operating in the neighborhood around BTS On Nut. The market is a reoccuring event that takes place in this vicinity.

Every day for a week and a half, vendors that offer a wide variety of goods set up their stalls. The cuisine and beverages of Thailand and Japan were featured prominently at the market. Customers had the option of purchasing fried chicken, sushi, a wide variety of fruit smoothies, sweet dishes like brownies, and a great deal of other food items. 

People were able to start coming to visit the market from lunchtime, and the stalls remained open for business all the way through the late evening hours. Foodies were in for a big treat at this market since not only were the meals really delicious, but they were also available at very reasonable prices. Because of this, the market was able to achieve a great deal of success. 

Thousands of people from all around Bangkok came to pay a visit and sample the many delicacies that were being offered by the various vendors. A great number of people are already looking forward to the subsequent occasions on which the mobile food market will set up shop in the neighborhood.


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