Find any Japanese household and Miso products you need at Daiso and Marukome


Located in DONKI mall, Thonglor Soi 10, Daiso and Marukome are the stores that serve Japanese great-quality products. Daiso is well-praised for its affordable utility products that can be used around the house while Marukome is a leading shop for all kinds of Japanese miso.

When you enter Daiso, you will be surprised with the compact size of the store, yet a complete selection of Japanese-style-and-quality items you would need for every room in your house such as garden, working room, kitchen, living room, bedroom, bathroom, and laundry room. It also offers other lifestyle products such as cosmetics and exotic snacks. Some of the items are printed with licensed Disney characters to excite their fans. Almost everything in Daiso is 60 THB, which is what the store is well-known for its friendly price. The staff here are very friendly and helpful to suggest and get the best items that meet your need.

When you come inside Marukome, a Japanese number-one Miso store, you will be amazed at the widest range of Miso products and related ones. Most people may be familiar with a Miso which is a soup topped with steamed tofu and seaweed. Actually, there are other Miso options such as granulated soup Miso, Miso soup with fried tofu and seaweed, Miso soup with mushrooms, Miso soup with green onions, etc. The Miso products come with a normal instant, a frozen-dry instant, a paste, a liquid, and a power form. Marukome also offers ingredients for processing such as fermented sweeteners, soy meat, and soy powder, and condiments such as Miso sauce, Miso Yuzu salad dressing, Miso onion salad dressing, and Miso Yaki marinating sauce for meat and fish. By leveraging miso-making techniques, Marukome is able to provide custom-made products to solve food processing challenges or for new product development, as well.

To get to Daiso and Marukome, come to DONKI Mall, Thonglor Soi. 10, Floor 2. For more information about Daiso, please call 02-077-6968 or visit for online shopping. For more information about Marukome, please call 

092-426-2212 or visit The two shops open daily from 10 AM – 10 PM. 


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