Conkey’s multigrain bread, heart-made recipe inspired by healthy aspirations


A multigrain loaf of bread, one of the signature bakery menus at Conkey’s, is crafted with the true understanding of real wholesomeness. Friendly to diabetic patients, the bread contains low GI and is filled with high-quality grains.

Mr. Michael, an Australian founder of Conkey’s Bakery, shared with us that he used to suffer from a slight heart attack. He was advised to make sure he had only healthy food in order to alleviate his health problems. At that time in Thailand, the bread industry was just starting; there were not as many wholesome options as he could find in his country. Mostly the bread here was starchy and sugary, not even resembling what a real bread should be. With a strong passion for bakery, he managed to come up with his own healthy bread recipe, initially just for his own consumption. But because everyone agreed that it was really amazing, he took this opportunity to start his bakery business, and of course, included this multigrain bread on his menu.

Full of flax seeds, poppy seeds, sunflower seeds, sesame, and soy, mixed in the wholewheat flour, his loaf is also claimed to contain lower GI (glycaemic index), a rating system for foods containing carbohydrates, which shows how quickly each food affects your blood sugar (glucose) level when the food is eaten on its own. Moreover, the bread is made fresh every day with no preservatives and additives. Therefore, it is friendly for diabetic patients, and, supposedly, everyone for their health benefits. The recommended combination to eat with a piece of Conkey’s multigrain bread is a small cube of the real fresh New Zealand butter offered from the place. 

Conkey’s Bakery, a fine-quality handcrafted bakery cafe located in Ekkamai Soi 22, is dedicated to serving every single choice on the menu with great passion and true wisdom in the making. Well-acclaimed for its top-of-the-line and hearty ingredients, the place ensures not only authentic taste and texture but also wholesomeness that has become many people’s top interest after the pandemic. The cafe offers an outdoor dining experience at the regular tables or on the mats like a picnic style, surrounded by many greens and a proper amount of sunshine. 


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