Golf fans should not miss Golf Partner, Floor 2 DONKI Mall Thonglor

Golf Partner is internationally well-known for offering a great variety of brand-new and used golf clubs and related golfing products. Originally from Japan, the shop brings the same standard and quantity of the products to impress Thai golfers.

Playing golf requires not only precisely-calculated swinging skills but also great quality golfing equipment. Golf Partner makes sure you can get everything you need for golfing here by offering it at the store or fetching it from overseas and shipping it to your home. Furthermore, the highlight of this store is that before you make a purchase of any golf club, you can try a real swing with it at the simulated 2D indoor golf field. You also can customize your own golf club or a new one bought from the store to ensure you get the exact specification you seek for. Golf Partner offers other golfing products as well such as caps, golf bags, and golf balls, of course. 

Golf Partner now is expanding its branches in Thailand, with one of them located on the second floor of DONKI Mall Thonglor Soi.10, a Japanese-branded department store that offers products and lifestyle experiences imported from Japan. The staff here can take care of Japanese clients, and other ones with English and Thai language, and real expertise in the industry by offering personal suggestions that meet your specific needs.

Golf Partner is a very successful golfing retail store business in Japan with over 350 brands nationwide. It is said that the store is number 1 in the world with the biggest number of retail stores under the brand and the biggest quantity of new and used golfing equipment offered to clients, In Asia, you can find Golf Partner in Singapore, South Korea, and Malaysia.


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