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‘The City of Changes’ art exhibition now opening until April 21, 2022, at Bangkok Art and Culture Center

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The art exhibition ‘The City of Changes’ is now telling the story of changes in Bangkok free of charge now until April 24 at the Bangkok Art and Culture Center. Visitors can visit every Tuesday – Sunday (closed on Mondays) from 10:00 AM. – 7:00 PM.

On February 24, 2022,  Mr. Kriengyot Sudlapa, Deputy Governor of Bangkok, presided over the opening ceremony of the project ‘The City of Changes’ (Urban in Progress)’, which is now ready for the shows at the exhibition room, 7th-8th floor, Bangkok Art and Culture Center, Pathum Wan District, and is organized by Bangkok Art and Culture Center in collaboration with the Thai Public Policy Foundation and One Bangkok.

The Deputy Governor of Bangkok said that the art project shows that society and culture are changing hand in hand in Bangkok; when something changes, another thing has to adapt to the existing changes as well. Importantly, it shows that creative work is not only a matter of beauty but also a matter of a good public policy for the well-being of people, society, environment. The Bangkok Art and Culture Center Foundation is ready to support the operations of multi-disciplinary arts and culture to create an integrated experience for the general audience with the hope that the exhibition will be the starting point to drive cooperation to create policies of sustainable urban development for the future of everyone.

‘The City of Changes’ project is a creative project that invites more than 30 creative people from various circles including artists, designers, architects, conservationists, academics, actors, YouTubers, etc. to present interesting ideas about Bangkok. Inside the project, there are two sub-exhibitions: ‘City Adaptation Lab!’ on the 7th floor, and ‘Paradise Lost’ on the 8th floor. The exhibition ‘City Adaptation Lab!’ deals with understanding the skills of human adaptation to natural balance such as problems close to them- utility problems, traffic congestions, waste management.  The exhibition ‘Paradise Lost’ talks about the importance of nature in the city, and the relationship between man and nature through the reflection of the failure of urban development. The fun from both exhibitions is the display of various forms of installation art, mixed media, paintings, and glass film, including the use of AR technology in some work where we can scan to view in a digital art form. Some works are interactive while some works are games.

Bangkok Art and Culture Centre (BACC) is a contemporary arts center located opposite from MBK shopping center (BTS National Stadium). It showcases art, music, theater, film, design, and cultural/educational events in its exhibition and performance spaces. The center also includes cafes, commercial art galleries, bookshops, craft shops, and an art library. It is intended as a venue for cultural exchange, giving Bangkok an operational base on the international art scene. The number of visitors has risen from 300,000 in BACC’s first year in 2007 to 1.7 million visitors in 2017.

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