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Saturday, August 20, 2022
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The first space designed hotel in Thailand, ‘Grand Center Point Space Pattaya’, was recently unveiled

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Grande Center Point Space Pattaya, a new landmark hotel in the center of Pattaya that is appropriate for all guests, has opened as part of the LH Mall & Hotel group. family-friendly, professional, romantic, and party-friendly.  Utilizing the concept of the space world it is t he first model in Thailand that combines modern technology with a particular experience to realize a dream. In a luxury hotel, awaken to  the fictitious space world atmosphere.

The managing director of LH Mall and Hotel Co., Ltd., Mr. Kitti Worabanphot, stated that the LH Mall and Hotel Group is confident about investments and the potential of Pattaya City. The city of Pattaya is popular among tourists and is well known worldwide and boasts a splendid sea and  numerous tourist attractions.

It is possible to reach Pattaya from Bangkok in less than two hours by easy transport or by landing at U-Tapao Airport. Additionally, funding will be provided for national initiatives like the building of deep-water ports and a number of industrial parks, including the Eastern Economic Corridor development zone project (EEC)

Located in the center of Pattaya, the new Grande Center Point project has an investment value of more than 3.3 billion baht. A project that combines a hotel and a water park, as well as merging the concept of decoration, is buzzing with people. The architecture, interior design of the rooms, and communal areas of the hotel all feature elements from the space realm. Including the scenery, the different water park rides, and the room service and entire facilities.

Additionally, there is the Orbit Restaurant, the Oort Cloud Tearoom, the Sola Luna Rooftop Restaurant, a sizable conference room, and the delegate-friendly Space Convention Center. With LED size 12.48 x 5.40 m, it can accommodate up to 1,000 people. Providing accommodations for guests and service users on their way to relax, mingle, or hold a meeting

This hotel is a high-end hotel that can take advantage of opportunities from developments in the industry, including Pattaya’s continued popularity with travelers from all over the world, particularly family groups.

As a result, we provide innovative design concepts for a hotel that moves across space. From the lobby to the top levels, this hotel’s interior will have a consistent flow, and each floor will have a stunning design. We employ modern technology with all required conveniences that  satisfy all traveler demands, meet all visitor needs, and is suitable for all ages

The hotel’s primary advantages, according to Mr. Paween Kobboon of Palmer & Turner (Thailand) Co., Ltd., is the primary concept that drove the flight design of the space universe that will affect every area of the hotel from the perspective of the building’s roof from the top and the building’s front as seen from the side.

The hotel’s primary advantages, according to Mr. Paween Kobboon of Palmer & Turner (Thailand) Co., Ltd., is the primary concept that drove the flight design of the space universe that will affect every area of the hotel from the perspective of the building’s roof from the top and the building’s front as seen from the side.

Designed to resemble a hole shape like a space shuttle that can be seen from a distance, including the exterior building’s appearance It has a moving metal surface material covering it. The usage of curves to round the circle reflects modernity and the wind,  a metaphor for traveling into the future, as though on a spaceship bound for other dimensions.   The team’s challenge with the hotel’s unique characteristics was to ensure that every room will have a clear view of the stars, sea, and sky and to create a relaxing environment in every room.

The water park area and landscape design are under the supervision of Mr. Boonchai Sakulthamrak of Green Akitex Co., Ltd., who also mentioned that space-themed hotels has a pproximately 80,000 square meters of area. The l andscape design is based on the concept of a space universe, particularly at night. The beauty of the area will be enhanced by a lighting display inspired by the space realm, which will draw visitors to come and visit.

Interior Vision Co., Ltd.’s Thanawat Sukhakanon, who was in charge of designing the room and the common area, stated that the interior is still crucial to a luxury hotel standard.   A stylish design that incorporates current technology is highlighted throughout the room’s décor.

The stars on the ceiling sparkle, combined with the aurora light on the headboard to help guests feel at ease and relaxed during the night

The Space Rooms and Suites are themed after a spaceship, which also enliven the aurora borealis and the stars.  The hotel has 490 rooms ranging in size from 45 to 133 square meters, each with a bathtub and a balcony including full facilities  Every room has a sea view of Pattaya.

Space Water Park, a massive water park of 12,000 square meters, is separated into four zones:

Mountain Zone: caves, waterfalls with currents, and a river with a length of more than 330 meters for everyone to float down.

Flying Rock Zone is a fantasy adventure zone for kids. and adults, with slides ranging in height from 5 to 8 meters.

Space Pirate Beach Zone: a replicated beach with Kali Waves that may be modified to six different levels of strength, set against a pirate ship backdrop.

You may plan activities together in the Planet Zone and Family Zone, which has a kiddie pool, foam parties, and mini golf.

Another highlight of the hotel is the Astro Club, where children can explore, create, learn, and grow via entertaining space-themed games. The hotel also has a Sky Pool zone, which features a sky-high swimming pool offering the finest in Pattaya, with a view of Tassanee Phat Bay’s lovely scenery at dusk.

Grande Center Point Space Pattaya is now open for business  with hotel opening promo;s Breakfast for two, a token credit, and free mascot dolls in every room are included. When staying from now until August 31, 2022

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